1. Online Vehicle/Machinery Inquiry
    • Allow members to inquire whether a vehicle/machinery is encumbered.
    • Allow members to check if Temporary Form A has been lodged against an unregistered vehicle.
  2. Form Submission
    • Allow members to lodge their interest in a vehicle arising out of a grant of financing over that vehicle in accordance with the Code of Conduct using Form A or Temporary Form A.
    • Allow members to discharge vehicle where hire purchase facility has been fully redeemed using Form B.
    • Allow members to list and delete Temporary Form A.
  3. Reports
    • Daily Transaction Report - List of Form A & B submitted the previous day.
    • Double Finance Report - List of Form A submitted the previous day with prior active hire purchase agreements.
    • Record updated from LTA - Changes of status of vehicles under their finance.
    • Batch Upload Results - Result of uploading of batch submission of Form A & B.
    • Temporary Form A Purge Report - Temporary Form A purged by the system after 2 months.
    • Invoices - Records of charges / bills payable.
  4. Link with LTA's Vehicle, Registration and Licensing System (VRLS)
    Prior to accepting any online application to transfer ownership or de-registration of vehicles, LTA VRLS System will check with the HPFLAS System to determine if the vehicle is financed by our member.

    If the vehicle is found to be under financing, LTA will reject the transactions for a specified period and alert HPFLAS of such transaction via an email which is forwarded automatically to the relevant member. Upon notification, the member who wishes to request the LTA to reject any further VRLS Transactions relating to the vehicle must submit a Request and the Documents within 8 days in accordance with Clause 4.12(c) of the MOU entered into between LTA and HPFLAS.

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